Stylus Chuwi Hi10 Pro Laptop

The Chuwi Hi10 Pro is a cheap tablet that dual-boots Windows 10 and Android Lollipop and to which you can add a stylus and keyboard to turn it into a cheap portable laptop. But is it any good? Read our Chuwi Hi10 Pro review to find out.

You won’t find a Windows 10 tablet much cheaper than this, with the Chuwi Hi10 Pro currently costing £128.53 at GearBest. The optional keyboard dock (a recommended purchase) is an extra £29.31, also from GearBest, while the HiPen H2 stylus can be bought from Geekbuying for £11.16. That’s a total price of £169, but note that you could be asked to pay import duty upon its arrival to the UK that would take the total price closer to £200. Even so, that’s a tiny amount of money for a product that is Windows 10 tablet, Android tablet, Windows 10 laptop and Android laptop.

Buying products from China typically returns huge savings, but you should always take into account the risks. Products can take several weeks to arrive, depending on which shipping option you select, and if they are faulty you’ll have the hassle of returning them at your cost and dealing with customer services in a non-EU country with different legislation. We’ve outlined some of the pros and cons in our separate article on buying grey-market tech, which is worth a read before you buy.

You might be paying less than £200, but you wouldn’t think it to look at Chuwi’s range of Windows 10 hybrids. In common with its brothers, the Hi10 Pro has a full metal build with chamfered edges that is reasonably stylish and feels built to last. Also see: Best Windows tablets and Best Android tablets

There are some giveaways of its budget roots, for example some rather thick screen bezels, a display that attracts fingerprints and some unsightly legends on the rear, but on the whole build quality is good.

The display, bar the fingerprint issue, is among the highlights, an IPS panel with a full-HD resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. It’s clear and bright enough in all but the sunniest conditions, and its 16:10 aspect ratio is well suited to media. Colours are realistic and viewing angles are good; perhaps more importantly, at 10.1in on the diagonal it makes for a very portable laptop.

The Hi10 Pro measures 261.8×167.3×8.5mm and weighs 562g, making it easy to slip into a bag and carry wherever you want. Adding the keyboard roughly doubles the weight, but it’s still an easily portable package.

This tablet-laptop hybrid is the Pro version of the older Chuwi Hi10. We haven’t reviewed that device, but from what we can understand this is a thinner version that swaps full-size USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports for a faster-charging and reversible USB-C port. Both tablets also feature Micro-USB and Micro-HDMI ports, though only the USB-C port will charge the Hi10 Pro (you’d be better off using this port for charging since it supports 3A even if you had the choice)